Dr. Eva Klien

new position since 1st of March 2008:


Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD)
Department of Graphic Information Systems

Fraunhoferstrasse 5
64283 Darmstadt

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Fon: 06151/155 412
Fax: 06151/155 444
Email: eva.klien(at)igd.fraunhofer.de

main reseach interests:

semantic interoperability in geospatial web service environments;
geospatial ontologies;
semantic annotation of geographic information;

PhD Thesis

Klien, Eva (2008): Semantic Annotation of Geographic Information. PhD Thesis, Institute for Geoinformatics, University of Muenster. Muenster, Germany
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projects at IfGI:
Semantic Web Service Interoperability for Geospatial Decision Making
meanInGs - Semantic Interoperability by means of Geoservices (completed 09/2005)
VuGIS - Verkehrs- und Geoinformationssystem (completed 09/2002)


MUSIL - Muenster Semantic Interoperability Lab  MUSIL -

GI-Days 2007 - Young Researchers Forum   GI-Days 2007 -



Lutz, M., Witte, J., Klien, E., Schubert, C. and Christ, I., (2008). Overcoming Semantic Heterogeneity in Spatial Data Infrastructures. Computers & Geosciences, Special Issue on Geoscience Knowledge Representation in Cyberinfrastructure, forthcoming.

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Klien, E., Lutz, M., and Kuhn, W. (2006). Ontology-Based Discovery of Geographic Information Services - An Application in Disaster Management. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 30(1): 102-123.


Klien, E., Fitzner, D. I. and Maué, P., (2007). Baseline for Registering and Annotating Geodata in a Semantic Web Service Framework. Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Geographic Information Science (AGILE 2007), Aalborg, Denmark.

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Roman, D. and Klien, E. (2007). SWING - A Semantic Framework for Geospatial Services. In: Scharl, A. and Tochtermann, K. (eds.). The Geospatial Web, How Geo-Browsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are Shaping the Network Society, Springer. [link]


Gould, M., Jackson, M., Klien, E. and Lemmens, R., (2007). Design and implementation of persistent testbed for geo-web services. Proceedings of the 13th EC-GI & GIS Workshop 2007, Porto, Portugal. [link]

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Lutz, M. and Klien, E. (2004): Overcoming Differences of Meaning during the Discovery and Retrieval of Geospatial Information in Spatial Data Infrastructures. Position Paper for NCGIA Specialist Meeting on "Spatial Webs", Santa Barbara, CA, USA.(pdf)

project reports:

Klien, E. (ed.) 2007. D3.1 Ontologies in the SWING Application - Requirement Specification.
Deliverable of the SWING project. [link]

Grcar, M. (ed.) 2007. D4.1 Representational language for Web-service annotation models.
Deliverable of the SWING project. [link]

Roman, D., and Hoffmann, J. (eds.) 2006. D2.1 Geospatial Semantic Web Services.
Deliverable of the SWING project. [link]

Lieberman, J. (ed.) 2006. Geospatial Semantic Web Interoperability Experiment Report.
OGC Discussion Paper. Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. [link]

supervised diploma theses:

Patrick Maué (2006): An extensible semantic catalogue for (geospatial) web services (pdf)

Moses Gone (2007): Towards Semantic Composition of Geospatial Web Services

Daniel Fitzner (2007): Functional description of geoprocessing services as logic programming queries

Monika Nientiedt (ongoing): Implementing spatial analysis procedures for detecting category membership