In nearly every city public paper maps for orientation are ubiquitous. These so called You-Are-Here-Maps are made by specialist for a specific region and mostly well designed. They often contain many a rich number of  points of interest for this area and often they are

even made for a special purpose e.g. a Hiking Trail. Compared to digital maps they are often superior because they are adapted to the local area and fits into the map readers need.

PhotoMap is an application, developed by Markus Löchtefeld and Johannes Schöning, that enables users to walk up to such situated signs and use their mobile phone to ‘take away’ the map presented in order to use it to assist their on–going navigation activity. And this using a high resolution and without any costs for downloading a map or other additional fees.

We are proud to anounce that PhotoMap is a finalist of the Forum Nokia „Calling all Innovators“ contest in the category „Technology Showcase“!

Keith Cheverst, Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger & Michael Rohs: Photomap: Snap, Grab and Walk away with a ‘YOU ARE HERE’ Map. Mobile HCI 2008: Workshop on  Mobile Interaction with the Real World MIRW, (2008)