GPS Devices


Right now, we cannot lend GPS devices due to internal processes

At the Institute for Geoinformatics, GPS Devices can be lent to staff members, students and teachers from other institutions.

Please login if you are a student or an associate at the University of Münster.

Available Devices

1 2 3 4 5 
6 7 8 9 1019 avail.1119 avail.1219 avail.
1319 avail.1419 avail.1519 avail.1619 avail.1719 avail.1819 avail.1919 avail.
2019 avail.2119 avail.2219 avail.2319 avail.2419 avail.2519 avail.2619 avail.
2719 avail.2819 avail.2919 avail.3019 avail.3119 avail.